Lauren's Dodgy Customer Socks Sniffing

A clip starring Lauren

Lauren in Lauren's Dodgy Customer Socks Sniffing

In this clip: dragging, face play, hypnosis, sniffing, amateur, socks

Lauren’s at work where she sells phones. This particular customer has fancied this mobile phone seller for a while now.

Lauren is sat in chair at table cross legged going through all latest features of new phone. Customer is tech savvy and makes a screen appear on that phone which begins to make Lauren sleepy. She tries to get up and walk away from screen but it’s too late and we see her collapse in front of table to the floor.

She is then dragged and lifted on to the table, limp play with eyes mouth and face. Boots removed and sniffed. Same with black socks. She comes round but is instantly put back under as phone is next to her. She’s finished and says so - scene ends mouth wide open eyes rolling then closing and she just goes out like a light.