Lauren's Therapy Session

A clip starring Lauren

Lauren in Lauren's Therapy Session

In this clip: carrying, drunk, face play, injection, inspection, sniffing, trance, feet, neck, mouth, blonde, young, drug, eyerolling, casual

Scene begins with Lauren sat cross legged in the Therapist's waiting room. He explains he's running late with appointments and offers her a drink while she waits. Lauren accepts the glass of wine which will go to her head making her slightly drowsy and speech slurred.

Therapist calls her in. We see a light headed Lauren struggle up out of the couch and stagger towards the Therapist's room.

Next scene is Lauren staggering towards the treatment table. As she tries and fails to get onto the table because she is so drunk, the therapist administers an injection into her neck that puts her asleep in his arms. He lies her out and enjoys lots of limp fun with her sleeping body. Let's have eye checks, mouth played with, boots off and sniffed etc. 

Next scene is the therapist bringing Lauren out of her deep sleep, her putting her boots back on questioning what he's been doing, and the therapist bringing out his famous drunk / drug / off remote control!

Scene ends with Lauren getting off the table saying she's never visiting this dodgy therapist again, and as she walks away you aim the remote at her pressing the power down button. Each step gets harder for her until she completely collapses to the floor face down to 1 side. Few close ups with the camera, boots removed, placed over her closed eyes and partly open mouth.