Laura Chloroformed By Kidnapper

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in Laura Chloroformed By Kidnapper

In this clip: chloroform, groping, POV, hands, masturbation, amateur, smothering, breasts, mouth, brunette, eyerolling

Laura has been kidnapped. The POV assailant is smothering her face with a sponge (not chloroformed yet) while filming her POV and forcing her to wank him off (off camera), always pressing the sponge on her face without ever taking it off. Brilliant acting, lots of protest through the sponge and sad pleading eyes.

When he has orgasmed, he pulls the sponge off her face. Laura is shocked and disgusted, hiding her face away, almost crying.
That is when the kidnapper orders her to look at the camera again, and puts the sponge back on, but this time it is chloroformed! Really intense struggle, lots of eye rolling before she succumbs passed out to the chloro.

At that point the assailant removes the sponge, handles Laura's passed out face. He gropes her tit and then grabs her hand, observing it. He feels inspired again, and the scene fades out as he starts giving himself another handjob (implied) while Laura lies limp and unconscious on the bed.