Laura Smith Meets Ted Bundy (and Faints)

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in Laura Smith Meets Ted Bundy (and Faints)

In this clip: fainting, ragdolling, silly, brunette, nightie/PJ

Laura had just watched a documentary about Ted Bundy and she is rather impressed. She is talking about his story to her friend on the phone, when suddenly a masked intruder walks in front of her and sits down ON HER COUCH.

Speechless and shocked, she puts the call down. The guy doesn't seem to be threatening, and in fact sounds extremely polite and reassuring despite wearing a hood... But Laura is scared and attacks him. He doesn't fight back, and has his hood removed.
Laura realizes that guy looks a bit like Ted. Still extremely friendly, he introduces himself as Ted, in fact. Laura is paralyzed.

He explains her his problem: his car broke down just outside, and he realized he forgot his bandage at home. He starts to take out all sorts of scary stuff from his bag, but he can't find any bandage. He is getting agitated and aggressive, but still really friendly and polite to Laura: he is just wondering whether she has some bandage to lend him, so he can get back to his plans and go out to commit some atrocity. Nevertheless, he is extremely grateful to Laura for any help.

That is too much for Laura, and she faints. Ted grabs her and tries to wake her up, but unsuccessfully. He needs her to give him the bandage!
Unfortunately, Laura is now just a ragdoll: she won't cooperate, so he has to go finding the bandage by himself.

As the camera pans over Laura's body, we hear Ted destroying her house looking for bandage.

When he finally returns holding a small roll, Laura is still limp. He would like to thank her, but the doesn't wake.
Her phone rings: it's her friend who wants to check on Laura as the call didn't end in a reassuring way. ted answers, and, while holding Laura's limp body, chats to her in a very polite and innocent way