Laura's Staged Chloroform Video

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in Laura's Staged Chloroform Video

In this clip: chloroform, POV, masturbation, amateur, smothering, mouth, brunette, eyerolling

This is the vanilla version of "Laura Chloroformed By Kidnapper", made for people who prefer to buy on clipstores instead of here, facing higher prices and content restrictions for no reason.
Don't buy this video unless you want to see the extra vanilla introduction: the final chloroform scene is not in this one.

Laura and her mate want to make a scary video to upset someone. The plan is to make it look like a peril situation where she is terrified and forced to wank off a burglar (implied), while he pushes a sponge on her mouth, looking like it's chloroform.

The two have a lot of fun setting this up; the brand new sponge is taken out of its wrap and the guy checks that she can still breathe and talk so no regulations are broken: all right, it seems everything is ok, so the POV camera starts recording the staged footage.

The POV assailant is smothering her face with a sponge while filming her POV and forcing her to wank him off (off camera), always pressing the sponge on her face without ever taking it off. Brilliant acting, lots of protest through the sponge and sad pleading eyes.

When he has orgasmed, he pulls the sponge off her face. Laura is shocked and disgusted, hiding her face away, almost crying. But it was all fake.