Laura Smith's Misfortune

A clip starring AltSiren, Laura Smith

AltSiren, Laura Smith in Laura Smith's Misfortune

In this clip: assault, dragging, ragdolling, foot worship, knockout, girl/girl, socks, feet, legs, blonde, brunette

Detective Laura Smith comes back from work, had no way of knowing AltSiren is already in the house. AltSiren is there to steal some import documents from Laura. She knocks Laura out and decides to have a little fun with Laura's body.

AltSiren removes one of Laura's boots, revealing the white sock that she's wearing. She plays with and savors that sock-clad foot. After a while, AltSiren remembers that she has more important work to do, so she gets up and goes to a room to search for the file.

After that, AltSiren sniffs Laura's boots, and then drags her across the floor. She carries her onto the bed. More fondling with Laura's white socks.