Last Known Address Pt 2

A clip starring Belle Fatale

Belle Fatale in Last Known Address Pt 2

In this clip: carrying, face play, ragdolling, groping, inspection, nylons, stripping

After two therapists are knocked out, kidnapped and carried away the psychotic veteran with only the resources he knows for therapy, to his Last Known Address. Even though he is not the owner, and somehow there is no one home, he carries the sleepy and chloroformed sexy therapists into the house and set them on opposite ends of the sofa. He takes his time and methodically molests them running them slowly and softly as not to disturb them too much but still get what he wants out of the deal. He hikes their skirts up and rubs their pussies over the panties. The two therapists lightly moan and react to his touch, but they are still out cold. After he slowly caresses them he starts with the new therapist and starts flopping her around getting her undressed, moving her long red hair out of her face as he caresses her. After he gets her top off and bra, he massages her tits with vigor, which gets a moaning and her biting her lip. As he takes off her panties and strokes her pink lips and red bush, she moans with her pleasure. He removes her heels and foot stockings and begins to taste her toes and soles. He finishes with her and moves to the Dr. to molest and undress, flopping her around and rag dolling her to get her top and skirt off of her body as he touches her pussy through her shiny satin panties. As he rubs her she moans a bit and reacts to him sucking on her pussy and breasts.