Last Known Address

A clip starring Belle Fatale

Belle Fatale in Last Known Address

In this clip: assault, carrying, dragging, fighting, ragdolling, groping, knockout, nylons

After the feds cut their budget for mental health resources, a small non profit organization struggles to find therapists to staff their office. Finally hiring a new person the Dr.(Belle) shows the new therapist her office, which is the office of another employee that went off the deep end due to the lack of resources. As the new Therapist(Ana Molly) soaks in all the information the doctor gives her, she looks intimidated by the workload, but is excited to get started, and they are both dressed for success in business attire and heels, bare legs and smooth skin, hair up in a bun. As the Dr. leaves to her office down the hall, she knows her new recruit will do well on her first day.

End of the day 4:58 PM and the Dr. comes to check on the new gal to see how her day went with the full schedule. The new therapist says, "it's only been one day?" and they both laugh. The Dr. tells her that she will have to see this one last patient, while the Dr. does all of their paperwork and she will buy her first drink after work. The new therapist agrees and the Dr. returns with the patient. Seems like a normal and stable man who just is down on his luck and needs someone to listen, like the usual, standard patients. The Dr. introduces the new patient and heads to do paperwork down the hall while the two get to know each others names. The new therapists sits and starts to ask him a few questions to fill out the forms for the new patient. When she asks him if he has an address he sulks and says, "no just my RV and I park it where I can." The therapist digs a bit deeper not knowing what he is thinking and asks him if he has a "LAST KNOWN ADDRESS" which sets his mind racing thinking about the old house he used to live when he was a young man, and into almost a trance. When she asks him to give her the address he stands up and says, "I can take you there." and grabs her by her neck with one hand from behind and covers her mouth and nose with the other blocking her air. She goes wild and comes out of her office chair like a mad woman. She fights and flails but he is too strong and tactical with his movements thus rendering her helpless. As she bucks and fights, then slowly winds down her eyes go from wide and panicked to fluttering and rolling back into her head, to closed and still. She twitches a bit but goes quiet and still. The Dr. down the hall has no idea and never checks in on therapists before the hour is up. The distraught mantakes his time to check her out. He caresses her softly, gently stroking her sexy legs and hiking up her skirt to see the panties and ass. He rolls her over and flops her around, dropping her limp arms and looking at her ankles and legs in her patent leather Mary Jane heels.  He rolls her around the floor, feeling her up and checking to see if she is limp. He knows he has just enough time to enjoy her a bit before he has to make things look good for the doctor. After he plays with the sleepy therapist, he straightens her up, knowing it is almost 6PM and sits her back in her chair, straight and legs crossed, almost like she fell asleep in her chair. He sits back down and says, "This seems like a talking opportunity, but I think our time is up." Just then there is a knock at the door, it is 6:01 PM and the Dr. is at the door smiling and asking how things went. When she looks at the new therapist she is astonished that she is passed out in her chair. She knows how to handle crisis situations so she stays calm and asks him what happened, he replies, "I think my story bored her and she fell asleep" The Dr. knows that doesn't happen but plays it off as she checks to see if the therapist is breathing, then decides to call 911. As she fumbles for the phone that is not where it is supposed to be, she tells him she needs to call and he needs to leave. As she walks out the door he comes behind her and does the same move on her he did with the therapist. The Dr. was almost ready for it and is a fighter but she is not as strong as the former Army Ranger and he takes her down. She fights and tries to get free but he has her mouth and nose covered and she starts to wind down after a long fight. When her eyes go from wide to closed she is out cold. He checks her and knows she is out and he caresses her body. He spends the next few minutes moving her around the floor, looking up her skirt and caressing her face and legs. He smells her hair and rolls her over and over on the floor, looking to see how limp she is. He sits her up and then lays her down rolling her some more before he straightens her up and picks her up in a cradle carry. He carries her out of the room and to his RV. He returns moments later to grab the new therapist and grabs her in a cradle carry, still in a post traumatic trance he stands there for a few seconds with her in his arms, as if he did not remember where he was, then takes her out of the room and to his RV. He is going to take them to his "LAST KNOWN ADDRESS"...