The Landlord and the Bouncing Boobs

A clip starring Adriana

Adriana in The Landlord and the Bouncing Boobs

In this clip: chloroform, cumshot, footjob, hands, masturbation, nylons, stripping

Adriana is sitting in her home when suddenly the landlord appears behind her, scaring her off. He sits on the couch as well, and she starts complaining that he should not get in even though he's the landlord. He reminds her that she is late with the rent and the two start a discussion. In the end Adriana is really creeped off and wants to call the police, but he suddenly jumps at her and chloroforms her in a struggle.
Once she is gone, on the couch, he begins undressing the body, exposing her feet, big breasts and pussy, and starts playing with her hands moving them on her pussy as if she's fingering herself. He then moves to her feet and starts stroking his dick on her bare soles, giving himself a footjob. During this we have a long display of her body being stroked, and this causes her big boobs to bounce on her chest, until he is done and leaves.