Kidnapped, hooded and foot fucked

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 in Kidnapped, hooded and foot fucked

In this clip: bondage, chloroform, cumshot, groping, POV, footjob, hands, faceless/anonymous, foot worship, masturbation, rolling, amateur, feet

A hooded and tied up girl kneels powerless on a bed; a guy enters the room and chloroforms her, careless of her begging.

He begins stripping her body, starting from the feet, and performs some general inspection and groping before starting a good sole worship. He then pulls out his dick and begin slapping it on her cute palms, before moving back to the feet and start a good sole fuck, at the end of which he cums all over her toes and soles...

This is a very realistic clip, offering lots of POV shots and a great sequence showing the foot fuck with the camera resting on the girl's thighs!