Kidnapped Hooded Calula

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 in Kidnapped Hooded Calula

In this clip: faceless/anonymous, inspection, foot worship, redressing, nylons, amateur, stripping

A criminal drags in the unconscious hooded body of a girl. The other gang members are coming, but are not there yet; he has to wait for them by the body, and he gets bored. So he starts to inspect her bag first, and then moves to the limp body and takes the freedom to take her boots and socks off. He then rips her tights off to pieces, leaving her legs and feet bare and exposed. He begins worshipping her feet and goes on for some time, but finally the phone rings again: the other members are approaching!
he can't leave the body like this, he would be ashamed for his secret passion... So he quickly removes and hides the shredded pantyhose, and puts back the socks and boots. The body looks like new, untouched.