Kay's Limp Body Being Played With By Lesbian Partner

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 in Kay's Limp Body Being Played With By Lesbian Partner

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Eryn and Kayleth were best friends. Kayleth was shy, while Eryn was more forward and adventurous. They went to Kayleth’s flat to study. Eryn took Kayleth to her bedroom and they sat on the bed and started readings their books.  Eryn tried to kiss Kayleth, but Kayleth would not allow it. She was too shy.

After a while, Eryn looked to see that Kayleth has fallen asleep. She smiled as she checked that Kayleth was in a deep sleep. She then started to inspect her friend. At first  through her clothes, then slowly stripping off her clothes until Kayleth was naked. 

Eryn ragdolled Kayleth, turning her on her front and back, checking out her tits, nipples, pussy and ass. Kayleth stirred but did not wake up.

Eryn undressed herself and started to inspect kayleth’s pussy, asshole, tits and nipples some more, also sucking and fingering her friend.  She sucked fingered her friend as her other hand moved to her own pussy as she started to finger herself. 

Kayleth stirred some more, but did not wake. Eryn stopped and took some handcuffs from her bag. She smiled and slipped the cuffs onto Kayleth’s wrists. She then went back to sucking and kissing Kayleth’s tits and pussy, licking Kayleth’s pussy deeply, while Kayleth’s hands were bound.

Kayleth was still asleep, but moaning in pleasure. After a while she was starting to climax. Just as she started to cum, she suddenly called out a name. But, it was not Eryn’s! It was another girl. Tracy! Eryn got mad as she realized that shy Kayleth was cheating on her.