Jewell Marceau tucks drunk Stacey to bed

A clip starring Stacey, Jewell Marceau

Stacey, Jewell Marceau in Jewell Marceau tucks drunk Stacey to bed

In this clip: drunk, ragdolling, groping, inspection, foot worship, girl/girl, stripping

Stacey has partied all night long; she's extremely tired and drunk when she gets back home, at the point that her house mate Jewell has to tuck her into bed. But, as soon as Stacey lays on the bed, she instantly falls in a deep sleep, leaving Jewell to do all the heavy work with her limp body.
Soon Jewell will get turned on by that limp body and feet, beginning to undress Stacey completely, worshipping her soles, sucking her toes, using her as her own doll, before actually relaxing down together...