A Foot Fucker In Her House

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in A Foot Fucker In Her House

In this clip: chloroform, face play, groping, POV, footjob, masturbation, amateur

Honour May has just arrived home from a busy day a work. She goes into her bedroom and changes into more comfortable clothes (a black tank top, black pajama pants, and white socks).

She sits on her couch, wraps herself up in a blanket, and watches TV. She then falls asleep, unaware of the strange man hiding in her apartment. He carefully approaches her and gently places a chloroform soaked rag over her nose and mouth. She doesn’t even stir.
The man pulls the blanket off of her and lightly shakes her. She’s out cold. The man then peels off her socks and worships her bare feet.
He pulls out his cellphone and takes pictures of her feet in his mouth.

He sets her on the floor, gets down and positions himself to where she’s resting on his chest. He takes a selfie of him kissing her on the check, then takes an outward shot of her bare feet. He continues to play with her limp body before placing her facedown on the couch and putting his dick between her feet.
After taking another picture, the man gives himself a footjob with her limp feet before he cums all over them, taking another picture of the aftermath.

He then uses her socks to clean up the mess and places them back on her feet. He leaves her sitting up on the couch similar to how he found her, placing the blanket back on her and leaving the apartment.