Anna Darling Indifferent Foot Fuck

A clip starring Anna Darling

Anna Darling in Anna Darling Indifferent Foot Fuck

In this clip: groping, footjob, inspection, masturbation, willing

This clip is conceptually different than the rest of the works here, and tries to explore a similar thing in a different light.

Anna meets a guy and they walk into his place; she is visibly not keen on being there, she is doing that for money. Maybe just to finance university, she agreed with him to leave her body available to him for a short time, and he can do whatever he wants, just for money. She is basically selling her body for his entertainment, and she doesn't like it but she wants the money - So her mood is quite flat and almost annoyed, and she is not participating in any way and with any joy at all.
The guy gives her the money, and from that moment he is allowed to play with her body: she orders her to strip and begins groping her bum and tits as if she's just a doll. Anna's expression is blank, she looks forward to get out of there and spend the money.
Then the guy asks her to give him a handjob, and she passively grabs his dick and begins to stroke it mechanically - For some time, but soon she complains that the deal was for her body, so she didn't expect to have to do anything actively. The guy agrees, and orders her to lie on the couch: he will masturbate and fuck her feet, and she can mind her business in the meantime. In fact, while he slaps his dick on her soles, and slides it between them, Anna does something with her phone, maybe some emails. She is not involved at all, and her juicy soles are just two toys he's using to masturbate while she's doing something else not minding that at all.
When he finally cums, Anna takes the phone down, quickly cleans up, redresses and leaves: she fot her body back, she can go to spend her money now