In the making of a trash metal videoclip

A clip starring Addie Juniper

Addie Juniper in In the making of a trash metal videoclip

In this clip: oral, groping, knockout, amateur

Addie Juniper is shooting a very amateurish scene with a friend, for a very amateurish trash metal videoclip they want to make. In the scene she should fall limp backwards, into his arms, but it looks like they don't manage to get it right. She also complains that he's touching her in a too confident way. Sick of it, he decides to put her to sleep and do the scene in a much more realistic way. After he's done with the videoclip, he drags her to the bedroom and lays her down on a type of bed... He strips her naked, playing with her bare feet for a little bit, lifting up her legs and dropping them down on the couch a few times. He flips her over on to her stomach, showing off a lovely view of both her feet and her ass. He gets in front of her face and slides his dick in and out of her limp mouth [simulated]! He fucks her mouth hard and fast, causing her body and feet to limply flop back and forth the entire time...