I Won't Tease Anymore

A clip starring Bendy

Bendy in I Won't Tease Anymore

In this clip: assault, bondage, chloroform, ragdolling, groping, POV, amateur, feet, breasts, brunette, young, casual

Bendy is in the office, having some small talk at the phone with a friend; she talks about a guy in the office, who is unable to work because she keeps teasing him with her legs, boob flashes etc. It is so much fun for her. At the end of the call, she crosses her legs and continues her teasing. But, at some point, some hands sneak out from behind and chloroforms her.

Scene fades back in and we see Bendy in a room, tied to a chair with tape and gagged; she starts to wake up, realizing she has been captured. She struggles in the bondage, in vain. The creep appears and chloroforms her again (POV)

Some limp ragdolling on a bed follow.