Caroline Hypnotized and Turned into a Foot Slave

A clip starring Ashleigh, Caroline Pierce

Ashleigh, Caroline Pierce in Caroline Hypnotized and Turned into a Foot Slave

In this clip: humiliation, hypnosis, foot worship, trance, stripping

Caroline goes to hypnotist Ashleigh to try giving up smoking; after a brief discussion, Ashleigh gets the usual watch and swings it before her eyes, causing Caroline to fall into a deep trance. At that point she's entirely under her control, and Ashleigh decides to watch her stripping, enjoys ordering her to worship her own feet, and then goes on giving her feet as well to get a rub and some more worship.
Once she comes back, of course she doesn't remember anything, and makes sure to set another appointment with the evil hypnotist!

Caroline provides an excellent trance face and acting, and there are NO blinks!