Adreena and Ammalia Hypno Mess

A clip starring Ammalia, Adreena

Ammalia, Adreena in Adreena and Ammalia Hypno Mess

In this clip: humiliation, hypnosis, inspection, foot worship, girl/girl, masturbation, nylons, trance, stripping

Business woman Adreena goes to a therapist as she's been trying to stop smoking. The doctor has a brief chat with her, and then proceeds to hypnotize her in order to start working on her mind and addiction.
After the countdown, Adreena is tranced, in a sleepy state but more frozen than limp. The doctor lies her down on the bed and starts askinf her questions, which she replies to with a emotionless voice.
Suddenly the doctor's phone rings, and he has to run out because of an unexpected task.

Adreena's body remains alone in the room; waitress Ammalia walks in looking for the doctor, but she can't find him. She notices Adreena on the bed, and doesn't leave. She starts playing with her, having a bit of fun posing her arms as if she's just a toy and not a patient. After all she can't feel anything, so there is nothing wrong... And this triggers something in her mind, as she starts getting horny. She takes off Adreena's shoes, then her stockings. She inspects her feet, starts groping and worshipping them. She strips Adreena's body completely naked, taking off piece by piece, and takes her time admiring, inspecting and groping her frozen figure. She seems to enjoy her feet a lot, as she can't stop touching these soles and sucking these toes, to the point that she starts touching herself through her clothes, gets aroused and cums while worshipping the business woman's feet.
After orgasm Ammalia realizes she made a mess, so she runs out of the room before someone comes...

Later, the doctor comes in and discovers Adreena's body naked on the bed. he is shocked, he doesn't understand what happened. He shakes Adreena trying to wake her up, but pretty soon he realizes it's not a good idea. Too late, as Adreena wakes up and finds herself naked, before the doctor who looks visibly nervous. She freaks out, and of course the doctor gets the blame for all this, and there is little he can say to defend his position.