Wrong House

A clip starring Roswell

Roswell in Wrong House

In this clip: face play, hypnosis, trance, neck, breasts, redhead

Roswell is tied to a chair, unconscious and slumped forward. The masked intruder lifts her head and opens both eyes to inspect her pupils. He also inspects her mouth and checks as if looking for something.

Then his phone rings unexpectedly. His boss tells him that he's at the wrong house.  In disbelief, he wakes Roswell up and she is less than thrilled to be tied to a chair and threatens to call the police.

Not wanting to be caught, he pulls a watch and begins to hypnotize her.  She slowly goes under and becomes calmer.  The intruder then explains that when he snaps his fingers again, she will pass out, and will not remember anything that has happened to her.  1, 2, 3 SNAP! Roswell’s eyes roll up then her head falls back as she sleeps.

He opens both eyes to inspect her pupils again to make sure she is out.
He unites her and she falls out of the chair.  He then gently whispers, "See you later."