Messing With the Hostage - Electric and Rascal

A clip starring

 in Messing With the Hostage - Electric and Rascal

In this clip: oral, bondage, carrying, chloroform, face play, ragdolling, groping, fucking, inspection, kissing, foot worship, girl/girl, amateur, stripping

NOTE: These girls are a real, married lesbian couple, so the lesbian scenes are particularly natural and intense

Rascal is a secretary who has the key of a very important office, and Electric and a guy have a plan. One day Electric comes home with Rascal and seduces her: the two get involved in a sweet lesbian scene, with a lot of kissing, and at some point Electric chloroforms Rascal with a rag.
The guy appears, and the two carry Rascal's half naked limp body to the bedroom; they put her on the bed, get her keys, and the guy goes out to rob the office. before leaving, they tie Rascal's hand together and the guy recommend Electric not to mess things up. In fact she is a lesbian, and she often messes up with girls.

In fact, as soon as she's alone, Electric begins playing with Rascal's limp body, undressing her completely, licking her feet, her pussy, tits, groping her anywhere. Rascal begins to react a little in her sleep, especially when Electric licks her pussy... Soon the situation gets out of control, with Rascal facesitting Electric who licks her pussy deep, bringing her to wild orgasm (real orgasm).
The two girls relax, Rascal is happy, despite the fact that she has been captured. And Electric will be in trouble again.