Niki Horse Rider Limp Footplay

A clip starring Niki

Niki in Niki Horse Rider Limp Footplay

In this clip: chloroform, face play, fainting, ragdolling, silly, amateur

Horse rider Niki comes home after a long day riding. She meets her housemate who gently takes off her boots and gives her a foot massage. He also hands her a drink, while commenting how badly her feet smell. At some point Niki starts coughing her drink, so badly that she passes out. The guy goes on handling her feet for a bit, then moves closer to her and chloroform her. Niki instantly wakes up and struggles, but eventually she passes out again.
He sits up on the bed and restarts handling Niki's smelly feet, which are now bare and exposed. He worships them.
At some point Niki wakes up and catches him in the act, but he injects something into her heel which sends her back to sleep, after some painful moaning.
He goes on worshipping her limp feet for some time.

Later, Niki wakes up, completely dazed, while he is still handling her feet. He offers his help to get redressed but she says she can do it by herself. She looks dazed and a bit creeped out by the guy.
The clip finishes showing the guy handling her limp body again, and finally pans on her body and feet