Hooded Limp Syndari Gets Inspected and Handled

A clip starring Syndari

Syndari in Hooded Limp Syndari Gets Inspected and Handled

In this clip: assault, chloroform, ragdolling, groping, faceless/anonymous, humiliation, inspection, foot worship, rolling, nylons, stripping

This is old footage out of a single tripod camera, as unfortunately the other cameras footage has been lost; my acting is miserable, but, however, the wide angle is pretty good and Syndari plays limp in a great way, and her feet are juicy. This clip had potential so it was a pity not to release it.

Hooded and cuffed Syndari gets thrown on the bed by a criminal who's looking for the usual memory card. She keeps saying that she doesn't know anything about it, so the criminal chloroforms her. Once it's all silence, he starts handling her limp body in a rough and vigorous way, emphasizing her limpness and the fact that he can do whatever he wants with her. He proceeds undressing her until naked, also ripping her tights to shreds, leaving the body completely naked and exposed with just the hood on. of course she had the memory card on her. Justice has been done.