Limp Hooded Girl Inspected and Foot Worshipped

A clip starring Catwoman

Catwoman in Limp Hooded Girl Inspected and Foot Worshipped

In this clip: chloroform, faceless/anonymous, inspection, foot worship, masturbation, amateur, stripping

A previously unedited archive clip featuring Catwoman. This is an italian young girl who does lots of PR in real life, and likes sweet life and social climbing, but doesn't mind her body to be exposed and used provided that she remains anonymous. This is why she has a hood on all the time, but you may enjoy the thought of who she really is.

This is the usual memory card plot: a girl gets threatened by a criminal, as she's supposed to be hiding a memory card on herself. The girl keeps denying, so the guy chloroforms her, searches her body and partially strips it until he finds the memory card.
Then, just to punish the girl for having been a liar, he has some fun with her body, ragdolling, wanking and worshipping her limp feet and legs.