Hooded and tranced

A clip starring Alisha

Alisha in Hooded and tranced

In this clip: groping, fucking, faceless/anonymous, foot worship, trance, stripping

A guy walks in to the room carrying a limp senseless female over his shoulder. After lying her on  the bed he runs his hands all over her, looking excited and very happy that he caught her. He removes her clothes except for the hood, and he leaves her shoes on - at first. After playing with her beautiful breasts for a while, he starts to slowly remove her shoes. He begins sniffing and worshiping her feet, getting more and more excited and moving up her body. He removes her hood and we discover that she is tranced. He plays with her face by opening her mouth and widening her already open eyes - she remains completely still and unresponsive, totally somewhere else. He then gets even more excited and positions himself in the modified missionary position with her feet dangling on his shoulders, and starts having sex with her. The kidnapper vigorously sniffs and worships her feet as he is fucking her harder and harder, eventually finishing.