Hogtied Limp Bendy

A clip starring Bendy

Bendy in Hogtied Limp Bendy

In this clip: assault, bondage, chloroform, ragdolling, groping, nylons, amateur

Sexy Bendy is sitting down at her desk, working at the computer; she is in a secretary outfit and the camera pans around her dangling crossed legs for some time. Suddenly a creep sneaks behind and chloroforms her: it is a pretty struggle with lots of kicking. Finally she's defeated, and her body goes limp on the chair.
The creep tosses her body on a bed, face down. He gets some ropes and starts tying up her limp body in a hogtie, in an amateurish way; her body is floppy, so it's easier for him to use his basic bondage skills.
Later Bendy wakes up, and finds herself hogtied and gagged; she immediately starts to struggle, but there's very little she can do; the camera pans around her.