The Haunted Sofa

A clip starring

 in The Haunted Sofa

In this clip: cumshot, groping, hypnosis, masturbation, trance, amateur

Lucy has purchased a house for really cheap. But the condition is that she must keep a specific sofa in. She doesn't understand but of course she accepts. She does not care. Then later when she is sitting on it, strange and bad things happen to her...

Opening scene - Lucy is sitting on the sofa and takes her phone to call friend. She says she just bought the house for really cheap, what a great deal!  She laughs that the sofa is supposed to be possessed and strange and bad things happen if you own it. But, she does not believe it. It just idle superstition. She hangs up after finishing chat.

She sits on the sofa and starts to read a magazine and drink some wine while the camera pans on her. After a while she yawns, feels tired and decides to have a nap. She falls asleep on the sofa.
After a few moments, in her sleep, she sits up (eyes closed like still sleeping / possessed) and starts to rub / feel her body in a sexy way. After some good shots of this, her eyes suddenly open wide land staring, like she is possessed and she starts to strip her clothes....first her shoes, then her skirt / jeans / then the top, bra, panties, until she is naked.

She sits back and again starts to feel her body, paying attention to tits, pussy, she turns and gives a good view of her pussy / ass from behind... All the time, her eyes are open staring, like she is in a mindless state. She lays back and starts to play with pussy - starts a masturbation. As she is doing this, she suddenly wakes from trance, realizes she is almost naked and must have done it in her dreams, but just thinks she is tired and goes back to sleep on the sofa.

Next scene - She is sleeping again and a masked figure emerge from behind the couch. The figure moves to Lucy and starts to check out her limp body - rag doll scene, and soon ends up fucking her sleeping body on the couch. The scene fades during the fucking.

Lucy is still asleep and wakes like it was a dream again. She realizes her tummy is wet with cum! She sits and calls her friend again, this time she sounds less confident. She doesn't understand what's going on. Maybe buying that house hasn't been a good idea...