Handling and stripping limp Brook

A clip starring Ammalia, Brook

Ammalia, Brook in Handling and stripping limp Brook

In this clip: chloroform, ragdolling, groping, hands, foot worship, girl/girl, stripping

Ammalia comes back home and finds some chloroform as a birthday present from her girlfriend Brook. When Brook comes back, later, she doesn't expect to get assaulted from behind by Ammalia, who quickly makes her unconscious. She puts her body on the couch and starts performing some limb flopping play and foot worship with her tender passed out feet. But, as some point Brook wakes up and Ammalia puts her down once again, without any hesitation.
Now she can go on playing with her body; she strips her naked, goes on flopping her around, and also uses her limp hand to slap her senseless butts!

This is a budget clip and Brook's limp play is not excellent all the time, although there are some really floppy hand moments. However, that is definitely a barbie-like beauty with a stunning body, who delivers some great sleepy expressions!