Terri Lou and the Halloween Creep

A clip starring

 in Terri Lou and the Halloween Creep

In this clip: face play, hands, inspection, foot worship, amateur, stripping, caught in the act, feet, legs, breasts, brunette, chubby

Terri Lou arrived home from work in her smart business clothes. She was so tired! She went straight to her bedroom.
On the bed was her nightgown. She removed her heels and rubbed her sore feet, throwing the heels to the floor. She then removed her skirt checking to see if her nylons were in good shape. They were. She planned to go out later and decided to leave them on. She slipped off her panties and sniffed them. Oh, she would need to change those!
She unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off and then unclasped her bra, freeing her ample tits. She massaged her breasts, enjoying their freedom. She slipped on the nightgown. She liked to feel of her stockings and suspenders with the material of the nightgown. She thought about masturbating, but she was too tired, so she fell into a deep sleep.

As she slept, her nightgown fell open and her tits escaped. The masked creep came into the room. He was terrorizing the neighborhood at halloween as he did ever year. He found Terri Lou. He could not believe his luck, when he saw her luscious breasts and feet. After checking that she was in a deep sleep, he played a little with her limp body, before making his way to her feet. He worshiped those feet in their nylons, before deciding to remove the nylons and worship her bear feet and toes. Terri Lou stirred a little.