Halloween Body Roleplay

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in Halloween Body Roleplay

In this clip: foot worship, willing, silly

This is not a creepy clip at all, but more of a silly one.

Laura calls her friend in as she's thinking of making some horror pictures for Halloween where she plays a body on the slab; she is going to put some scary make up on her face, achieving a cold pale look, and they will start the roleplay. In fact, in order to get more in the part, she intends to roleplay instead of just posing, leaving the task of taking pictures, moving and posing her limp body entirely to her friend.

So, once the make up is on, they move to a dark spot with a slab/table and she zips herself into a bodybag. From that moment, "she is dead". Her friend unzips the body bad, uncovering the body, and starts taking Halloween snaps. At first it looks very real, but then it turns silly, as the guy struggles to move her and she doesn't help at all, being totally limp, but at the same point she jokes that she can't help because she's dead! So the guy has to do all the work.

However, the situation turns when the guy takes off one of her boots and puts a toe tag on her. One last snap, and then he begins groping her bare foot a bit too much. Laura asks him what he is doing, protesting a little, but she gets shut up by the guy as - Like she says - she can't move and she is not in the position to complain!

Laura shuts up for a bit, but now the guy started worshipping her foot. She is disgusted and begins protesting more and more asking him to stop licking her foot. At some point he gets annoyed, stands up and seems to get back on track with the roleplay. Laura gets back to her limp body role and lets him placing her back into the body bag, which he zips... He zips it down to her ankles, but leaving her feet out.
She is now encased in the body bag, and can't do much but squirm and protest when the guy clamps her ankles and restarts worshipping her foot!