The Gym Creep

A clip starring Tasha

Tasha in The Gym Creep

In this clip: assault, chloroform, groping, hands, inspection, masturbation, stripping, feet, neck, legs, ass, breasts, genitals, brunette, fitness

Dressed in lycra pants and sporty outfit, Tasha comes home after a gym session; she has a brief phone call with a friend and tells her about a guy at the gym who looked like a creep and pointed her. Then she closes the call and starts to stretch; the body activity slowly gets her excited, so she soon finds herself on the couch, rubbing herself through the lycra pants.
In the middle of the excitement, she doesn't notice the creep has sneaked in, and jumps at her chloroforming her; alone with her limp body, he starts handling and groping her, ragdolling, posing and stripping her.
Before leaving, he poses the body open legged on the couch.