Groping The Amazon's Limp Muscles

A clip starring Kasia

Kasia in Groping The Amazon's Limp Muscles

In this clip: groping, inspection, amateur, nervepinch

A tiny loser meets Kasia, a muscular fitness and fighting trainer - Literally, an amazon! He gets attacked and beaten all the time in the real world, and he would like to learn some moves from her in order to - at least - being able to defend himself a little bit.

Kasia challenges him in order to understand his level of skills, but soon finds out he is hopeless so she can't do much but make some fun of him and make him realize how hopeless he is.

At some point he asks if he can show her a secret move he knows - the only one actually. She doesn't take him serious so asks what she has to do and lets him do whatever he wants... But, actually, the secret move is a nerve pinch which quickly makes Kasia unconscious and totally defeated.
The weirdo needs some virtual gratification, and being able to handle and grope such a hot and muscular body - which could destroy him if she wanted to - makes him feel powerful.
Far too powerful: in fact, after having groped these arms and legs for some time, he feels like a god and believes that she is just stupid muscles, and he is intelligent, and in fact she lays limp and defeated. 
She made fun of him but now her body is in his hands, and he can do whatever he wants. 

Overcome by a a delirium, the weirdo wants to punish the limp muscular trainer, so he starts spanking her soundly. As her bum gets red, he gets carried away with it and this wakes up the trainer, who instantly grabs the weirdo and gives him a lesson he won't forget.