Girls' Night

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 in Girls' Night

In this clip: carrying, drunk, fighting, ragdolling, groping, inspection, multigirl, nylons, stripping, bodypile

It is Monday and that is GIRL'S NIGHT at Belle's place. She always has her besties over, trading sex secrets, showing off the latest shoes and lingerie, having drinks, and eventually making out in lingerie, possibly leading to wild sexual encounters. When Belle's backwoods boyfriend decides it is his night now, she tells him to leave in his beat up truck so she can have her night with the girls. After he leaves pissed off, her friends start to arrive and they start to have fun. They all talk and trade secrets, each gal having her own personality and class, Genetica shows her sexy spendy lingerie, and Ashley follows suit, Belle shows her lace and stockings, while Lexxi can't seem to not be bursting out of her top, with her growing tits. They have fun with it telling stories, talking smack about others and then drinking. They get tipsy and that is when the boyfriend returns. He parks down the road and looks with his binoculars, seeing the sexy gals in lingerie make him even more mad that his girlfriend is having a lesbian party while his friends wait to meet at the pool hall in town.  As the gals lose inhibitions and get more tipsy, they start to undress each other and make out. He decides they are loud and wont hear him so he garbs his tank of nitrous oxide and a hose and moves to the window that sucks all the air in. He gets it going and gasses the house. As the women kiss, finger. and play with each other the gas takes affect. They start to feel ill then eventually are out, twitching all over the sofas, but then they are out cold. He gives it a minute to make sure then heads inside to get started. He has plans: First he needs to undress and fondle them, methodically and thoroughly, then he wants to splay them out so he can see their necks and arms stretched, also their feet and soles. He loves this part but then he brings the truck closer and parks. He carries each gal one by one across the gravel to the big truck bed, where he puts each body in a row, saving his now ex girlfriend in the back opposite from the other three. They are still out cold as he drives down the road to his place to have more fun later. The truck drives along the gravel road for a couple minutes, showing the bodies bouncing in the back bed of the big truck.