Nyxon Limp Giallo

A clip starring Ammalia, Nyxon

Ammalia, Nyxon in Nyxon Limp Giallo

In this clip: groping, fucking, inspection, foot worship, nylons, stripping

A man meets agent Nyxon to give her a small paper with a vital address on it. She's supposed to travel to Molvania immediately and bring it there. The man leaves and Nyxon makes a call, starting to arrange her journey; she doesn't notice that Ammalia has sneaked into the room,and the scene fades out... When it fades back in, we see Nyxon limp and unconscious, Ammalia inspecting her luscious body, partially undressing it until she finds the address. At that point she's satisfied and leaves the body behind.

Later the man comes back, and with extreme horror finds out the sexy agent has been attacked: she is still limp, half naked, and of course the address has been stolen! It's serious trouble now, but, before he tries to do anything he needs to pause and relax. Get the best out of the situation. So he starts groping her, takes the retro stockings off, turns himself on by kissing these legs and feet, and finally fucks the body (simulated). Once he's done, he can leave her behind as well.