My Limp Girlfriend Doll

A clip starring Akeira

Akeira in My Limp Girlfriend Doll

In this clip: carrying, face play, ragdolling, redressing, silly, stripping

Early morning, the alarm sounds, it's the beginning of a new day. This young lovely couple wakes up in their bed - Or, better, he wakes up, and she remains motionless and limp on the bed, as she is his limp doll girlfriend!
He tells her about his dreams and the working day which awaits him. He takes the duvet off and starts admiring her body in a transparent nightie; he gets horny and they have some morning sex (simulated). Akeira the girlfriend doll remains limp and motionless, as he enjoys her body with lots of love.
After the sex, he carries her out of the room carrying her on his shoulder, they move to the bathroom. He sits her on the toilet and washes his face; he expects her to wee, but she doesn't because she is just a limp doll. he tries to encourage her, as she shouldn't feel embarrassed, but she keeps not weeing because she's just a limp doll.
He gives up, carries her back on his shoulder, and they move to the kitchen to have some breakfast. he sits her on a chair and prepares a glass of orange juice. he then starts to spill it into her mouth, but she won't drink, as she's just a limp girlfriend doll, so the juice spills on her breasts staining the nightie. he is quite disappointed, but giver her more juice. She spills it again because she's just a limp girlfriend doll. He gives up, and carries her to the living room, onto the couch.
He takes the nightie off and redresses her in some home clothing for the day; he has to do all the job as she's just a limp girlfriend doll. He sits her onto the couch, turns off the TV for her, and goes to get changed for his working day.
He comes back into the living room very well dressed, cheers her up and gives her a kiss, but before leaving to work, he tells her that he would like her to do some housework in the day, and prepare him a nice meal for when he gets back, so they can spend a nice evening together. Then he leaves her, sitting on the couch in front of the television.

Nine hours later he gets back, and he is well disappointed to find her still in front of the TV, and nothing has been done! But well, she is just his limp girlfriend doll...No meal, no housework, she has been sitting there limp all day watching television.
He is quite disappointed, so he grabs her, exposes her ass and gives her a nice spanking on her butt... No big reaction from her, no reaction at all, as she is just her limp girlfriend doll... Anyway, spanking that perfect round butt ends up turning him on, so he decides to forgive her but they have sex on the couch (simulated). He enjoys it quite much, at the point that he decides to prepare a meal for her, to show his love for her.
He walks back into the living room bringing her a nice meal, and they sit one next to the other. he puts the food into her mouth but she won't bite, as she's just a limp girlfriend doll. he is quite offended, as he made that for her, so he insists pushing the food on her lips... But she won't bite it, so he gives up.
He stands up, puts up a porn movie, and goes back sitting next to her. They end their day watching it, cuddled together as the two young lovers they are.