Getting Rid of Jodie

A clip starring Carley, Jodie

Carley, Jodie in Getting Rid of Jodie

In this clip: carrying, face play, hands, inspection, family affairs, neck, mouth, blonde, brunette, young, drug, underwear/bikini

Jodie is on the bed with her boyfriend Jack and her sister Carley, who are secretly lovers; the three disagree on plans for the evening, as Jodie would like to go on a different place. She doesn't know the drink she's drinking is drugged, so she soon flops down, leaving the two lovers alone with her sleeping body.
The two carry her on the other room, laying her on the couch, where Carley begins playing with her sister's limp face and hands, for a long time. Finally, the two restart carrying her around, wondering where they could leave her.