Getting his sister's sleepyfeet

A clip starring Olive Glass

Olive Glass in Getting his sister's sleepyfeet

In this clip: drunk, groping, footjob, foot worship, masturbation, family affairs

A girl comes back home late at night. She is coming back from a great party and drank and smoked way too much. Her brother is still awake and tries talking to her but it is evident that she is done for the night. Being the great brother that he is he helps her reach her bed, but as soon as she get there, she passes out. He tries to wake her up so that she can at least take of her jacket and shoes and get herself under the sheets, but there's no response at all, so he decides to do it all himself before leaving. However, once alone with her body, he realizes that this could be his one shot to have her feet that he has lusted after all these years. It's good to have such a supportive family.