Gassing and Chloroforming Sophia Lee

A clip starring Sophia Lee

Sophia Lee in Gassing and Chloroforming Sophia Lee

In this clip: chloroform, face play, ragdolling, inspection, knockout, medical, stripping

1. We see the villain in his hideout (a room, which is later not shown again). He checks his bag with a bottle of chloroform, a white rag, gloves, ski mask, an anesthesia mask and tube and tape gag. He checks the status of the liquid in the bottle and tries out, if the anesthesia mask functions (he presses some button and for a short time, we here a hissing sound) - 1 minute

2. Now we see Sophia in her flat; she is awaiting her date to take her out for some drinks; we see her putting makeup and lipsticks on; then she puts her heels on (dress see attachment). She prepares for here date. At that moment, someone knocks at the door. Little dialog like: "Who is there?". "It is me, darling, Frank." (you can improvise). She opens the door and lets him in. They both flirt a little bit. He praises her dress and so on. She asks him to sit down for a moment so that she can finalize her outfit. Then she suddenly gets a call; it is her best friend Rebecca: she tells Sophia, that the police is searching for a villain, who kidnaps young women; she tells Sophia, that the suspect looks similar to her date Frank (Sophia is repeating some of the information, so that the spectator gets to know about it) - 3 minutes

Meanwhile, the guy sitting in her back takes the cloth and the bottle out of his bag. We see him putting the dust mask on to protect himself from the fumes, then he intensively soaks the cloth. He stands up and slowly approaches from behind. At that moment, Sophia gives a sniff and says: "What smells so chemical here"? She tries to turn around, but is attacked with the rag. After some struggling (no artificial moaning please) and fighting Sophia goes down to the floor. After some seconds, the guy removes the rag, although the girl is not completely knocked out yet. He checks her mobile phone and switches it off. Then he turns back to the girl and puts the rag again on her half unconscious face (mouth and nose) to make sure she is completely out. He lifts her up and carries her over the shoulder to the bed/sofa - 2-3 minutes

3. Now the guy makes a call, telling his boss, he already knocked out the cutie and that he is going to prepare her for delivery. Meanwhile Sophia recovers slowly [we see here in close up and in total as well, if possible]. The guy now opens his bag again, puts the anesthesia mask and tube out. Sophia is kneeing on the bed. The guy turns a button and we here the gas flowing/hissing. He is now behind her. She recognizes him, but it is to late. Her mouth and nose are covered with the mask. She is struggling but he presses the mask firmly on her mouth and nose. After some seconds when she already became weaker, he removes the mask, to check her status. She is lying in his arms. To put her completely out, he starts the gas again and presses the mask on her face until she is completely out. The he lets her falling back on the bed - 3 minutes

4. The guy undresses her to underwear and removes her heels and socks as well. Sophia meanwhile recovers but the guy again soaks his cloth (we see the brown bottle again and how he is soaking the rag) and sends her back to sleep after some struggling on the bed - 2 minutes

5. Then he takes the tape and gags her mouth. Then he binds her arms on her back and her legs as well. Sophia recovers one last time. The guy again soaks the cloth and presses it under her nose. She fights back as good as she can. With some little shaking of her head, he puts her to sleep in the end - 2 minutes

6. To make sure, she stays asleep, he takes the anesthesia mask, lets the gas flow and fixes the mask with a strap over her still gagged face. Sophia makes some quite moans before she is absolutely knocked out [the camera shows her lying on the bed, some close-ups of her masked face and body; we here the gassing sound] - 2 minutes