Adreena Limp Fuck Toy

A clip starring Adreena

Adreena in Adreena Limp Fuck Toy

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Adreena is in the bedroom reading a book; as she reads, she is getting excited and starts to feel herself slowly. Her breasts and her pussy, through the material of her pantyhose and bra.
She finishes the book and puts it down. She then starts to feel herself some more and starts masturbating. She goes on for some time, then picks up her mobile.

She calls her lover, telling him she got excited by reading the book, and ordering him to get there immediately. He will find her playing completely limp and gone, and he will have to use her as a fuck toy and cum all over her pantyhose.
She sets a camera on a tripod and starts recording; she opens a hole on before her pussy, prepares herself on the bed, playing limp, waiting for him.

The guy arrives, and finds her there; he has a small camera as well. He begins handling and groping Adreena's limp body, as no response comes from her. He rolls her around, licks her body, plays with her pussy. He uses his camera to get some real closeups of her pussy and details. He goes on for some time, as the amateurish camera records everything from the tripod. In the end he sets her doggiestyle and fucks her from behind; she's still floppy and motionless but can't hide some pleasure moans. He finally cums on her ass and pantyhose.