A Hooded Body in The Vintage Freezing Fridge

A clip starring Ammalia, Patricia

Ammalia, Patricia in A Hooded Body in The Vintage Freezing Fridge

In this clip: faceless/anonymous, foot worship

Ammalia walks in and opens the vintage freezing fridge: inside there is the hooded body of a young girl, completely naked, and unresponsive. This girl was probably a sexy hot chick who enjoys dancing and partying, but at the moment she's just a body without any personality or perception.
Ammalia gets her legs out of the fridge, and begins kissing and worshipping the soles of these feet. There is no response from the hooded girl, so Ammalia goes on entertaining herself for some time, until she's done, so then puts the body back in the fridge and closes the fridge door, ready for nect time.