Jessica And The Vintage Freezing Fridge

A clip starring Jessica

Jessica in Jessica And The Vintage Freezing Fridge

In this clip: foot worship, feet, brunette, freeze, slim

Because this is an older clip, it's not up to the same quality as the latest videos. But is it still an enjoyable piece!

Jessica is lured into checking out an old vintage fridge, thinking it’s a harmless appliance. Jessica is teased into going inside to see if she fits and as soon as she does, the fridge is activated and she’s frozen.

Jessica is stiff and frozen as a board, becoming just a doll and plaything. Her face is unchanged and her eyes are wide open, even as her body is fondled, and her breasts are exposed. Her legs are pulled out and her bare feet are played with and photographed for the memories.

Once she finishes her purpose, she’s back in the fridge, with the door closed. The fridge unfreezes her and she’s comes out like nothing happened, and none the wiser.