Denny Teacher Freeze

A clip starring

 in Denny Teacher Freeze

In this clip: gas, humiliation, foot worship, nylons, trance, silly, mature, stripping

LANGUAGE: Italiano!
Unfortunately there are some minor blinks, as Denny's went crazy at some point so it has not been possible to edit everything perfectly out.

Teacher Denny is giving private lessons to a guy who's particularly not skilled. She is very disciplined and gives him 5 minutes to solve an exercise. Of course the guy has no idea how to even start, so, when, she doesn't notice, he puts some magic powder in her drink. Denny drinks, unaware on that. She sexily moves her nyloned feet under the table. Then, suddenly, the drink has its effect and Denny's brain gets frozen.
The guy stands up, moves closer, grabs the teacher's body: now she's like a poseable doll, her eyes staring into emptiness, her mind blank. She is limp and gone but at the same time he can move her and she will keep the position.
He stands her up, begins to undress her until she is naked and exposed; he turns her around, admires her mature but still hot body, then sits her down again, and puts her luscious legs stretched upon the table. he begins worshipping her feet, as the teacher's eye remain unfocused. Then he starts driving the legs into the "bicycle movement", and her legs begin moving so by themselves, so her feet rub on his face and all he has to do is to worship them. he goes on for a while, then, once she is done, he leaves, leaving the teacher naked on the chair, staring into nothingness, her legs still moving even if his face is no longer under these soles of hers...