Don't Dial 666!

A clip starring Hannah

Hannah in Don't Dial 666!

In this clip: cumshot, groping, POV, footjob, hands, humiliation, masturbation, trance


Hannah Shaw is staying over at a friend's house, who kindly offered to host her for the night. before leaving her, he tells her that she can do everything she wants, and that vintage phone works, but she must not dial the number 666, but provides no further explanation for it. This gets Hannah very curious of course. Then he says good night and leaves.

In late morning he knocks at the door and gets in: he finds Hannah's body frozen, her face stuck in a still expression with face and mouth spread open. As he expected, she dialled the number 666 that evening, as she's naughty and curious, and she got frozen by the magic phone!
So he starts groping her, lies her her down on the bed, takes his dick out and puts it into her doll hand, giving himself a handjob using her friend's frozen body. Hannah's expression remains the same throughout all the video, there are no blinks at all! She is frozen!
After a while he rolls her over and starts pleasing him with her feet: he slaps his dick on her soles, and later puts the feet up and starts fucking them in a footjob: Hannah's face doesn't move, stuck in the same blown expression. No blinks when he finally cums on her bum, after he has enjoyed her friend's unaware body for a while.

He's finally ready to go: Hannah is now redressed and repositioned the same way he found her. he puts the phone back into her hand, dials 666 to undo the effect and runs away... In seconds, Hannah comes back to her conscious human state. In her mind, only a couple of seconds have passed since she first dialled the number, as her mind was stopped. She thinks it's still evening and that it didn't work, so she tries again and dials 666 once more...