Honour May Foot Fuck Frozen Doll

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Honour May Foot Fuck Frozen Doll

In this clip: cumshot, gas, groping, footjob, masturbation, trance

Honour is having a cup of tea when she steps out for a moment. We see a hand putting something magic in her cup. When she comes back she finishes her drink and suddenly feels strange... She feels her body slowly freezing and stopping responding, as if she's slowly getting turned into a statue... That builds up and goes on for a while, until she ends up completely frozen like a toy doll.

At that point the guy appears and check out her bum. He can now manipulate her as he wants, she is actually just a toy to play with.
He moves her against a table and bend her forward. He grabs one of her legs up and has her standing on one leg. He starts rubbing his dick on the lifted foot, taking the shoe off, and enjoying her sole.
In the meantime, Honour's face stays frozen into a peaceful unaware expression, just like a smiling doll (zero blinks of course).

After a while the guy moves Honour on the couch, sitting her down so he can have both her feet. He sits on the floor so her feet can rest on his cock. he grabs her ankles and starts giving himself a footjob until he cums all over her feet and toes, while the unaware doll remains peaceful smiling on the sofa