Adreena Freeze FootJob

A clip starring Adreena

Adreena in Adreena Freeze FootJob

In this clip: groping, footjob, masturbation, trance, feet, legs, brunette, drug, smart/business, provocative

Adreena just had lunch with a friend when he sneaks some powder into her coffee and leaves her alone for a moment. After drinking the coffee, she starts noticing something is wrong and begins to slowly and desperately freeze until she is completely still.

The guy comes back and is not surprised to find her like that and bring the perv side of him out. He takes a look at her then goes to her legs down to her feet then he lift up one feet, then remove her heels then keep touching her pretty soft feet then put them on his dick/crotch.

Then he sits her down, goes on the floor and gives himself a footjob using her frozen feet as her eyes stare into emptiness.