Don't Dial 666 - Estate Agent Freeze

A clip starring Hannah

Hannah in Don't Dial 666 - Estate Agent Freeze

In this clip: face play, groping, humiliation, inspection, trance

After the success of "Don't Dial 666!", we decided to shoot something similar again with gorgeous Hannah. Once again, this is an editing diamond. This time she is an estate agent, showing a house to a guy. He seems to be interested, but his attention gets caught by the furniture around, especially by that vintage green rotary telephone. He asks whether it's working, and Hannah doesn't know. She tries to dial the agency as a test, starting to dial the number... 666... She gets instantly frozen, remaining with her mouth and eyes wide open.
The guy doesn't understand and asks if she's ok, but he gets no response. There is NOT A SINGLE BLINK. Hannah's body is poseable, like a doll, but it seems time has stopped for her and her brain is frozen. he realizes that. He understands he can have some fun with that gorgeous estate agent's body, before going on with the business.
He takes the phone off her hand, and poses her body in a sitting position on the couch; he opens her blouse and gives a good grope to her breasts. After a while, he takes his dick out and poses Hannah's hand in a way that he can give himself a handjob using the estate agent's hand.
Once he has enough he poses the body on her knees, doggiestyle, and starts groping her juicy legs. He pulls her skirt up uncovering her panties. He starts sniffing them in a long session of ass smelling through the pants. Hannah's face remains frozen in that wide expression while his face sinks between her bum cheeks undisturbed, making loud sniffing noises.
He then takes down her panties and keeps smelling for a long time. POV closeups involved.
Finally, he gives her a quick fuck from behind (simulated), and once again we see her frozen face bouncing at every stroke.

It's time to revert the situation: Hannah has been redressed, and the guy puts the telephone back in her hand. He dials 666 to undo the effect, and she instantly comes back as a living person, as if not a single second has passed since she got timestopped. That time window doesn't exist in her perception, so she goes on saying that it seems the phone is not working, and she professionally keeps discussing about the house and it seems the guy is getting it.