Akeira Frozen Burglar

A clip starring Akeira

Akeira in Akeira Frozen Burglar

In this clip: groping, humiliation, trance

A guy rushes out but has the time to leave his burglar trap on the table: a pair of sexy foxy ear muffs which have the power to freeze everybody who puts them on.
While he's out, of course a sexy burglar sneaks in and begins inspecting the flat...

When he gets back home, later, he is not surprised to find his prey: burglar Akeira stands in the middle of the room, frozen. She was of course attracted by the pink ear muffs, and made the mistake to try them on. From that moment, her brain had got blank and she remained there like a frozen piece of sexy furniture.

The man inspects her, and poses her on her knees, bum up and exposed, after he pulls her leggings down revealing her thighs and bum.
Once he is done with the inspection, he proceed to secure a pair of handcuffs around her wrists, and also gag her with tape.

Finally he removes the ear muffs and in that moment the frozen girl comes back to life, not understanding what happened, but finding herself gagged and handcuffed, while the flat owner is staring at her calling the Police. She struggles and moans, but there is little she can do...