Step Sister Bee Foot Theft Ends in Foot Worship Blackmail

A clip starring Bee

Bee in Step Sister Bee Foot Theft Ends in Foot Worship Blackmail

In this clip: groping, POV, humiliation, foot worship, nylons, willing, amateur, stripping

Step sister Bee is sleeping in her bedroom when I sneak in aiming to have my fun as I often do with her. I check she's deeply asleep, grope her ass, and then move to her gorgeous feet.
I slowly strip her nylons off, exposing her luscious young soles and providing stunning POV closeups. I grope her feet, lick them for a while as she keeps sleeping... Then, unexpectedly, she wakes up and sees me. It is too quick and I hide behind the bed's edge, but she has seen me. She calls me out.

She asks me what I was doing, and I have to confess I was playing with her feet. At first she seems to be shocked, saying how weird her step brother is, and I think I am fucked: she will tell our parents, I'll have to stop doing that at night and also what a shame! But then her mood unexpectedly changes: she seems willing to keep this secretive, as she starts hinting that she has always been curious about foot worship but she never got to try it with someone. And she couldn't feel me doing that while she was asleep, so it's time for me to do it in front of her.
I am hesitant and embarrassed, now that she can watch and feel me... But she orders me to proceed, putting her soles and toes in front of my face, so I have no choice, I must go on. She looks curious and a bit embarrassed as well, but she clearly watches me with surprises and interest as I run my tongue under her soles. By then, I no longer care and I am mesmerized by these soles, so I just lick. I see she just got her phone out and is capturing a video, but I don't care, we're now foot play partners and I am so excited, she will let me worship her feet a lot in the future!

But, suddenly and unexpectedly, she pulls her feet back. She is no longer looking at me in a very friendly way. She got the video, she got what I wanted. Material to shame me hopelessly. Did I really think she wanted to become play partner with me?