Amateur Sleepy Footage With Housemate Linda

A clip starring Linda

Linda in Amateur Sleepy Footage With Housemate Linda

In this clip: assault, gas, face play, ragdolling, POV, hands, humiliation, inspection, rolling, amateur

This is amateur realistic footage, filmed POV with no cuts, so I put the camera aside when I need to use both hands, but leave it recording all the time.

Housemate Linda looks very tired and tells me that she just took some pills and she is going to have hours of solid sleep.
Good to know.
I walk into her bedroom, later, and try to wake her up unsuccessfully: the pills have done their magic. I am holding a camera and filming footage of my beautiful housemate: face play, lots of stockinged feet and then bare feet, sole groping and flopping; upskirts, rolling and limp hand play.

Of course, in the morning she feels happy and energized, and has no idea that I visited and filmed her while she was asleep...