Worshipping and Fucking Two Awesome Limp Feet

A clip starring Kelly

Kelly in Worshipping and Fucking Two Awesome Limp Feet

In this clip: footjob, injection, foot worship, masturbation, stripping

A girl calls her boyfriend saying she's really tired and says goodnight, then falls asleep.
Later, in the dark, we see her sleeping feet: someone sneaks in the room and starts molesting them, peeling the socks off and revealing the amazing soles... But the girl might wake up, so he takes a syringe and injects something into her calf. The girl squirms making a moaning sound in her sleep, and then nothing anymore: it's finally silence and these feet are solid limp, floppy and motionless.
From that moment, the guy is free to worship the soles, enjoying himself, slapping his dick on them, fucking them by sliding his dick between the arches, and so on... These soles are amazing!